Sunnah Day and International Womens Day

At Arkana College, Sunnah Day is an annual event that aims to inspire students to learn more about the prophet Muhammed pbuh and to motivate them to follow his way.

This year, Sunnah Day will be on Monday 27/3, during the morning session. The students K-6 will be learning about the Family of the prophet Muhammad pbuh, some events from the seerah as well as his practice before sleeping. We encourage the children to dress in Sunnah clothing; boys in abaya and kufi and girls in abaya and hijab.

Furthermore, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. As Muslims, we are taught to always value every single member of our Ummah, especially the woman, as she plays an immense role in the progress and development of a society.

This year at Arkana College, we would like to use International Women’s Day as an opportunity to teach our students about some notable Muslim women in the past and present who were and are still very well respected, high achieving, extremely talented and who have made vast contributions to the world in which we live.

On Monday 27th March 2017, during the middle session, students in Years 3-6 be engaged in an interesting and informative session presented by a guest speaker- our very own Mrs Inshirah Khan. Mrs Khan will be presenting a PowerPoint which provides students with a brief synopsis about amazing Muslim women across different eras, and their achievements. We hope that students will benefit from this session and walk away with a deeper appreciation for the Muslim women in our history and current society who have done so much but are not often mentioned.

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