Youth Summit

Several students have been selected to represent the school at ‘The Inclusive Communities Youth Summit 2017’, to be held on Tuesday 28th March 2017 at the NSW Parliament House.

It is an educational event, designed to develop practical skills and to engage students in reflections on living with diversity. Students will create and present a proposal for initiatives that discuss ways in which individuals can fully participate in Australian society yet maintain their own distinctive identities (cultural, religious, linguistic, etc.) and ties to their own communities. As well as that, they will look at what steps can be taken to make it easier for people to be both a part of Australian society whilst also be apart from it. They will workshop these proposals democratically with students from different geographical, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The proposals presented and the interactions with students from diverse backgrounds, will help students to develop a deeper appreciation of the challenges and rewards of living with diversity in Australia. The Summit also presents students with a unique opportunity to have their voices heard by community leaders and to actively participate in the democratic process.

The day will involve our students meeting with delegates from the other schools, where they will have the opportunity to hear all the proposals. Each proposal will be discussed by the students in small groups and initial impressions will be given using a system of colour coded cards (green indicating acceptance, red indicating refusal and yellow raising concerns to be discussed by the group). The students will then vote in order to decide which three proposals will be presented in Parliament. Once those three proposals are selected, the groups will each have the chance to offer amendments and suggestions to improve the proposals. These amendments will be incorporated by the creators of the winning proposals. Finally, all the students will go to the Theatrette Room in Parliament House, where a panel of politicians, members of the media and religious and community leaders will be present to listen to the presentations and to engage the students in a dialogue.

The summit is part of the Engaging with Diversity project of Together for Humanity Foundation and the Muslim Women’s Association, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS). It is being held in collaboration with the NSW Ecumenical Council.

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