Healthy Harold

The Healthy Harold will visit Arkana from Monday 5/2 til Wednesday 7/2. The workshops will focus on issues around food and nutrition, personal safety, physical activity, cybersafety, safety with medicine and legal drugs. This program is comprehensive and I’m sure many parents themselves will remember Healthy Harold when they were back at school. The program... View Article

2018 School Year

We welcome our students back to Arkana College for 2018. Inshallah, the children have had an enjoyable break and are ready for a fun filled year of learning. School resumes on Tuesday 30/1 for Years 1-6 and Wednesday 31/1 for our Kindergarten cohort.


We ended the 2017 school year with enough money to build 3 wells in Cambodia and $3000 towards the Rohingya Crisis through AusRelief. I wanted to thank all the students and their parents for their extreme generosity.

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