Heroic Hijab and Super Sunnah Fridays

We are so excited to present our newest initiative at Arkana College; “Heroic Hijab and Super Sunnah Fridays”!

Starting from Friday 1st March and continuing every Friday throughout Term 1 inshaAllah, girls are encouraged to come to school in the Hijab and Abaya of their choice and boys are encouraged come to school dressed in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad which includes Abaya and Kufi (Sunnah Cap).

This is a whole school initiative and we want everyone to be involved- young and old!Hijab and Kufi colour is not restricted to yellow or green so each person can be unique (and colourful!) in what they choose!

In saying this, we are also pleased to announce that green kufis have been generously donated by a parent who purchased enough (from Madinah!!) for each boy in the school mashaAllah. If you’d like one, please pick it up from the front office in exchange for a small donation to our donation box. JazakumAllah Kheir to all! Also, two-piece yellow hijab sets will be available very soon for purchase from the front office as well.

So be HEROIC in your Hijab and stand SUPER in your Sunnah clothes every Friday at Arkana, and May Allah reward everyone for striving to be nearer to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and His Wives (May Allah be pleased with them).

Jumuah Mubarakah (May your Friday be Blessed)!

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