Interschool Islamic Schools Debating Tournament

Arkana College has hosted a debating competition between several schools for the past two years. However, we were honoured to have hosted the first ever Islamic Schools Debating Tournament on Tuesday the 11th of June where seven schools came together in a Round Robin competition. It was the first time so many Islamic (primary) schools competed against one another in a tournament style gala day.

School teams from Arkana College, Australian International Academy, Al-Risallah College, Unity Grammar, Irfan College, Al Hikma College and AlZahraa College debated difficult and mind-bending topics throughout the day over several rounds.

Several exciting and relevant topics were discussed such as, ‘Public transport should be free’, ‘Community service should be made compulsory’ and ‘Cooking should be taught in schools’. Teams argued for and against. The students argued logically, eloquently and persuasively throughout the tournament and showcased their fantastic public speaking skills. They also presented interesting rebuttals of the other teams’ arguments.

Two Arkana College teams reached the semi-final round where they debated the difficult topic of “Education should be funded more than Climate change”. One team progressed to the Grand Final where they debated whether ‘The voting age should be lowered to 16′. These rounds were impromptu rounds where students only had half an hour to prepare, making it incredibly challenging for the students.

After several knockout rounds, AIA won the tournament and our talented Arkana team – were the runners up. The efforts made by all students on the day was highly commendable.

It was an unique and exceptional opportunity for many Islamic schools students and teachers to work together and for our students to get to know one another. Students and teachers from all schools thoroughly enjoyed the day and benefitted immensely.

What an incredibly proud moment for our Arkana students and our school! We look forward to this event being held and hosted by Arkana College on an annual basis inshallah.

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