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AusRelief Ramadan Fundraiser

One of our school values is ‘generosity’ and this shines through every time we have a fundraiser of any sort. This year we set a target of $40,000, but mashallah, we raised $90,000 during the month of Ramadan. What an incredible feat for such as small school. We may be physically a small school, but... View Article

Girls excel in Electronics and Robotics

The girls in 2018 have excelled in Electronics and Robotics during the Scope sessions this year. They have immersed themselves into the program and always strive to seek a deeper understanding. Well done to Zainab Shafquat, Amina Mujala, Mirha Abbas, Aliya Murgatroyd and Zaynab East for their efforts. These girls have particularly shone and achieved... View Article

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