Student SRC/Extracurricular Activities

Arkana College is engaged in a variety of student centred activities that contribute to a dynamic extra curricular program. Some of the more prominent activities are listed below. Further down the page is more information on these activities:

  • SRC
  • Interschool Exchanges (including interfaith)
  • Halaqa
  • School Choir
  • Sport (House, Friendlies, Carnivals)
  • Drama
  • Excursions/Camps
  • Yr. 6 Graduation/Day Out
  • Assemblies/Presentation Night
  • Islamic Occasions
  • ANZAC Ceremonies
  • End of Year picnic
  • Charity

SRC: Arkana College has a vibrant SRC who are elected annually. The SRC have numerous duties including:

  1. Helping teachers supervise special areas of the school such as toilets, canteen, wudu, prayer time,cleanliness of the school grounds, play area for younger children etc.
  2. Helping younger students during recess, lunch and assembly times.
  3. Bringing to SRC meetings students’ ideas & opinions for improving the school. The SRC also represents the school at official functions and may be required to give speeches.

INTER SCHOOL EXCHANGES : Arkana College participates in a number of exchanges with students from other schools. This includes other Islamic schools, other independent schools (from the Jewish sector) and also government schools. This program keeps our students aware of the issues in different communities and allows exposure to a wide cross section of the Australian community. Awareness is created of different cultures, religions and traditions thus enriching the lives of those involved.

HALAQA : Halaqa operates each morning between 8:30 – 8:55. During Halaqa, children are given the opportunity to memorise parts of the Holy Quran and other prayers.

SCHOOL CHOIR : Arkana has an established choir that perform at assemblies and other functions. Choir practice is held each week with Mr Puglisi.

SPORT : Arkana offers a wide variety of House sports and other activities during PD/H lessons. Structured sport is organised through Mr Ali Kopurouche, our specialist PDHPE teacher in Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Swimming and Dance. Arkana also competes in athletics, swim and cross country carnivals.

DRAMA/MUSIC : The school aim is to provide drama and music activities that address the Board of Studies syllabus and incorporate an Islamic perspective.

EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS : Excursions/Incursions are an important part of the Arkana curriculum and most classes attend one a term. Canberra, Maritime Museum, Harbour Bridge Walk, SFS/SCG tour, Fairfield City Farm and Sydney Airport are just some of the excursion destinations visited.

CAMPS : Yr. 5-6 students have the opportunity to attend an annual school camp. Camps sites will alternate between two different sites.

Yr. 6 GRADUATION AND ‘BIG DAY OUT’ : The Yr. 6 graduation is an important part of the school calendar as is the Yr. 6 ‘BIG DAY OUT’. This is a special excursion for the graduating Yr. 6 class. The ‘BIG DAY OUT’ is a daytrip to Movie World on the Gold Coast!

ASSEMBLIES : These are held twice a term and often include a choir presentation! Parents are welcome to attend!

PRESENTATION NIGHT An annual awards night at the end of the year with students performances to celebrate our students’ achievements.

ISLAMIC OCCASIONS Special assemblies/events to commemorate significant occasions on the Islamic calendar including Milad an Nabi, Badr/Uhud, Isra wal Miraj, Laylatul Qadr and the Islamic New Year.

PRINCIPALS AND PARENT COUNCIL TREATS :  The Principal and Parent Council will take turns to provide a treat for students to purchase. Funds raised are used to improve school facilities.

HARMONY DAY : Students wear orange and engage in a number of fun activities on this important day which acknowledges the diversity which makes Australia special.

ANZAC CEREMONY Our SRC attend an official schools ANZAC ceremony and we also have our own school ANZAC ceremony attended by ex servicemen/women.

END OF YEAR PICNIC A picnic is organised for the last day of the school year. The picnic is held at Hurstville Aquatic/Leisure Centre.

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART : At this fund raising event students get sponsored to skip for a length of time.

CHARITY : Charity is an important part of the Islamic faith and an important characterstic of being an Australian. Arkana College proudly supports the following charities:

  • Heart Foundation (Jump Rope for Heart)
  • Leaukemia Foundation (Crazy Hair Day and the World’s Greatest Shave)
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital (Bandaged Bear)
  • Children’s Medical Research (Jeans for Genes)
  • NSW Cancer Council (Arkana’s Biggest Morning Tea)
  • International Centre for Eyewear Education (Sunnies for Sight)
  • Red Nose Day (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • First Voice (Loud Shirt Day to assist young hearing impaired children)
  • CanTeen (Bandanna Day)
  • Muslim Aid (Iftaar Dinner and Zakat Boxes)


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