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Eid Mubarak

The Muslim Nasheed Artist, Billal Mourad and his cinematographer, visited Arkana College prior to Eid Al Adha. As part of his new single, ‘Eid Mubarak,’ Billal Mourad will be engaging with students to help promote the blessed day of Eid. Our Year 5 students were fortunate to be included and filmed in his Nasheed video... View Article

Interfaith Iftaar

This year, Arkana College students, parents and staff invited Mount Sinai for iftaar as part of our interfaith journey. This was an incredible experience for both communities, to come together for iftaar and engage in dialogue. The evening was spectacular with the halal menu donated generously by the Mr and Mrs Refai, Mr and Mrs... View Article

AusRelief Ramadan Fundraiser

One of our school values is ‘generosity’ and this shines through every time we have a fundraiser of any sort. This year we set a target of $40,000, but mashallah, we raised $90,000 during the month of Ramadan. What an incredible feat for such as small school. We may be physically a small school, but... View Article

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Confidence and Empowerment

Students are encouraged and guided to persevere with challenges faced, to become confident and empowered individuals whom pursue success, both academically and spiritually, through their various contributions as active, Australian citizens, whilst still proudly and firmly holding in their hearts, their Islamic heritage and identity.

Adab, Responsibility and Integrity

Students will have the opportunity to develop, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally as a whole person, via the maintenance of a nurturing Islamic environment, that promotes Adab, mutual respect and integrity at all times in all our interactions, through the example set by the life and traditions of the Prophet Mohammed pbuh.


Generosity was among the countless good qualities of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Our students and their families are encouraged to be generous and assist those less fortunate here in Australia and abroad, as generosity is one of the qualities of the soul which Allah bestows upon His beloved ones, who are not concerned about material wealth, and willingly give to others to make the world a better place and reach God’s satisfaction. “You will never attain piety until you spend out of what you hold dear, and whatever you may spend of anything, Allah indeed knows it” (3:92).

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